I didn't know Christmas in July was a thing

I've been having some of my photos printed onto greeting cards recently, so I was looking through some Christmas pictures that I thought might work. Can you help me decide? Which one would you want to use as a greeting card? Would you want any writing on the outside? Thanks in advance!

I just took part in an ACEO X-change over at Ulixis' Crafts blog! I don't know which one will be mine yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed making mine! Take a look!


I usually have nervous breakdowns when I sew

But may have FINALLY turned a corner. I made a tote bag! Without anyone standing over me helping! Without breaking my sewing machine! Without punching a wall! I'm serious when I say sewing makes me crazy. My projects normally end with a half finished whatever and a lot of frustration. Yet I keep going back. So, I figured I'd do a practice version tote to hopefully ease some of the pressure. And here it is. For the most part it's exactly what I wanted! I read a ton of tutorials and watched some videos, but the two lessons that I used the most were these - Colorful Creates and Super Eggplant. Thank you so much!!! Oh and also Deslynn from the BNR group I participate in. We shared some "learning to sew without our mommies" stories this weekend. More like how we both were trying REALLY hard not to call said mommies for help with our sewing projects. The motivation worked!
The measurements of the bag are 14" long and 12" wide with a 10" drop on the handles. The only real screw up is that the handles aren't quite equidistant from the sides. Other than that I'm just oh so proud of myself.