Etsy Fave #5

I received an email from NY Magazine recently talking up these wall hooks (above) and thought they were such a great idea. Who doesn't want to put a dart in the wall? Really they just made me realize how simply I could solve some of my lazy/clutter problems. I have lots of wall space, but NO space anywhere else. I also have a pile of clothes that reside on top of my dresser and on various chairs. So, seeing these wall darts made me realize what a simple solution a wall hook could be and since I love Etsy so much (and these darts are overpriced for what they are) I went there first to look for some. And here is what I found.

I love this mosaic piece that combines the helpful aid of a hook with a beautiful piece of art! It's by Flowering Moon Designs.

You Got To Pay The Troll Toll

I made an apple crostata the other night.  I used two recipes and it worked out pretty well.  For the crust and the insides I used the recipe here.  For an added crumb topping I used the recipe here.  I wound up with some extra insides as well as extra crumble.  Not sure what happened.  Also, the crumble was more the consistency of pie dough rather than sand as Martha describes in the recipe.  Either way, it was delicious.  


Solid As A Rock

These look crazy and I love them.  I've never seen something that looks like a rock on an earring before and I think this combination with the aquamarine is gorgeous.  They really make me want to work only in gun metal.  They are by Beijo Flor.  Inspiring!



I'm in another heat-themed treasury!  This one was curated by VintageEmbellishment. Check it out and leave a comment if you can.  


I Love Squirrels

And this seems like a perfect way to express that love. The colors are so perfect too. Miami Beach. I haven't started buying other people's art on Etsy yet, but will soon I think. I keep finding such great things!! This one's by Alexis Rawlins Design.


What you have all been waiting for

Finally!  The Wigglin' For Wind  Power doggie t-shirts are here!  For now, I have listed an aqua t-shirt with a very light lime green ribbed edge in XL (pictured) and a white t-shirt with navy blue ribbed edge in both L and XL.  Check them out!  



Fellow Etsians!  Check out this BNR - only $4.50 minimum to get on the list and stay on until you get booted!  Oh it has booty in the title which already makes it the best.  I got handmade, all natural soap from ConcordSoap!

I have a dessert problem

I can't stop myself from eating it. However, these aren't too bad (if you can stop at 2) and they were surprisingly fun to make. I knew it would be easy - just melt some chocolate and dip, but the dipping (more like painting with the back of a spoon because the bowl of chocolate was too small) was therapeutic. These were shot while inside my refrigerator.


Etsy Fave #2

I love this ring!  What a cool idea.  By QA Create.  


I Made It Into A Treasury #2!

Thanks so much to PussDaddy for this!!!  It's only up for two days, but here's the link.            


An Etsy Favorite

I don't always have things to write about as far as my own craftiness goes, so I'm going to start featuring other sellers on Etsy of things I NEED TO HAVE.  And maybe you'll need them too.  First up are these glass ball earrings by leavesofglass.  I love the design!


Shophandmade vs. Madeitmyself

Reading Esty forums I've learned a lot about some other places to list handmade items. I posted one item on Shophandmade several weeks ago, but just the other day posted a few to Madeitmyself (which was a lot faster and easier to list with). I am regularly being put in with the 'featured items' on the homepage of Shophandmade (see middle photo, bottom row), but it has a very small number of views, and has been there for a few weeks. With Madeitmyself I had more like 30 views in a much shorter period of time. Not sure what to make of it and wondered what other people's experiences were.


A Cake We Can Believe In

Voodoo Barack cake's humble beginnings.

And the finished product!



It's tough carving a pumpkin with kitchen knives. Did I do him the least bit of justice??