The Power of the Pyramid Compels You!

I've had this pendant since I was little, but only rediscovered it recently and decided to put it on a chain and start wearing it. It came from a store my grandmother and uncle used to run back in the 70s that was all pyramids all the time! This pendant is supposed to carry "the power of the pyramid" and you will receive positive energy wearing it. I just love the pendant either way. I took these photos of it for fun with a possibility of listing it on Etsy at a ridiculous price so that I'd be sure no one would actually buy it. I remember hearing/reading in some Etsy tips that you should have at least one significantly higher priced item in your shop, but for myself that would still only mean under $100. Have any of you tried this technique and seen a result? It's probably not the best idea for my pendant since I'd really want to price it at like $1000, but I wanted to bring up the topic. I'm working on a couple of necklaces now that will eventually be priced a bit higher than the rest of my shop. Anyway, as usual, I'd love to hear what you think!



I just visited Print Society for the first time last week and am intrigued. They allow you to upload prints you already have for sale on other sites. You can create a profile, follow other artists, favor prints, etc. I'm still figuring out how it works - I just uploaded my second print today, but it seems like an interesting idea and I'm curious to see if it helps my sales. Let me know what you all think!