"Is she pretty?.......prettier than me?......"

Between using Etsy as a source for Christmas presents and this new Activity Feed feature they've rolled out on the site - which basically shoves irresistible items in my face everyday -  I have a ton of new favorites.  Here are some of the highlights to tempt you all too...
I'll start with a treasury I made for New Year's Eve - I want it ALL!
I plan on collecting a lot more art this year than I ever have before and Etsy will certainly be one source.  Here are a few new favorites...
This one is called Red Parachutes.  Check out the whole Alyoisus shop because there is so much more to love.
Another print I would love to own from a shop called Mossmottle is 'Newfangle' pictured below.  Again, this is a shop you should explore!

Happened upon this shop recently too and adore the jewelry made from Buffalo horn (taken after the Buffalo has lived a long life..)  Many other beauties in Quecraft's shop too. 

I would also like very much to make a beer can chicken using this gorgeous piece of stoneware!
Take a look at the Clay Coyote Pottery shop for more beautiful pieces.

Lastly (for now anyway) is a magnet I purchased as a gift and both myself and the receiver were very pleased.  The entire Frantic Meerkat shop is great, so take a peek...