And I thought I was Daniel Plainview

But look at how nice people can be! Yarncouture
featured me on twitter. Just because she felt like helping out some of us
zero Etsy sale types. I see the good! I see the good!
(Today at least)



I decided to go with these two to get some "free" notecards from vistaprint today. I've been curious about what their greeting cards are like.



I made it into a treasury!  

Someone buy me the cds on my wishlist before Halloween, please.

is a brilliant film.
And I have to say, the more blaxploitation films I watch, the more I want every single soundtrack to every one of these movies so I can listen daily.


Of course it's gonna be a blaze of glory

This is my Soy iron-on art.
Is anyone (Jacqueline) watching Paris Hilton's My New BFF? Just saw it the other night and am hooked.


Day Man 2

I started this however many months ago strictly in order to post the lyrics to Day Man. It was something I had searched for online, but was not there. I was to provide a service. Now I'm going to use this to talk about my crafts projects and hopefully get some buyers on Etsy strictly based on having the same favorite television show. I'll post Night Man soon.