Someone buy me the cds on my wishlist before Halloween, please.

is a brilliant film.
And I have to say, the more blaxploitation films I watch, the more I want every single soundtrack to every one of these movies so I can listen daily.


Jacqueline said...

where's your wish list?!

Fighter of the Night Man said...

Not YOU. All my other loyal followers.

YarnCoture said...
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Quwwa said...

Blacula soundtrack? Oh no, we are going waaaaay back here. I can remember actually looking at the movie in the drive in, and one of my cousins actually had the soundtrack album to it. (Note: Age will not be revealed due to suspected breach of disclosure clause.)

BTW, if you know of someone who actually has Trouble Man(the movie, not the soundtrack) contact a brother. I have never seen that movie.