King George

Well I think it's appropriate that I haven't blogged until it was time for Oscar voodoo again.  I really only choose who I think should win.  Usually it's a VERY obvious choice (for me at least).  This year I thought Che might be nominated and I'd have a dilemma, but alas, it wasn't (see rant) so I stuck to my original choice for Heath Ledger Joker cake.  What a cake to make!  I felt I had plenty of room for mess on this one and I took it. 
More importantly I was just half paying attention to the Oscars as I type this and noticed that King George from Coffy died!  I just discovered this movie probably about a year ago and love it!  I got the soundtrack on vinyl for Christmas.   

I was also featured in a treasury this weekend!  Check it out!    Thank you TickledPinkKnits! 


Patricia Hecker said...

A wedge of Ledger!
What fun!


Mollicent Brown said...

Hooray! Your cake worked. I hope it was delicious as well.
new reader

Haru-Dori said...

wow, that ledger cake takes the cake! (haha so corny, i know)

LoveCreations24 said...

lol - that cake is awesome! I'd take a slice of Heathy anytime!