Two for Tuesday

I haven't mentioned any of my Etsy favorites lately and mostly did so before I was buying things for myself. So, today I'd like to spotlight two items - one I own and one I simply admire.
Hostess cupcakes used to be my favorite, but I have to say their taste has changed over the years and when I try one now, it's just not the same. Thank goodness for my Hostess cupcake jewelry box to remind me of simpler times. I absolutely love this little (about lifesize) plastic cupcake box. I use it for small earrings and it's perfect!

I think I saw these earrings somewhere major on Etsy, but can't remember where. I adore them. Love the shell, love the color combination - I want these for Spring!


Almay Alday said...

Love this post! What a great jewelry box!

by vikii wong said...

oh that jewelry box is sooo adorable i want to take a bite out of it!

Alexis said...

I love that jewelry box, what a cute idea! And also I second your love for those earrings, so pretty & sparkly.