Etsy Fave #5

I received an email from NY Magazine recently talking up these wall hooks (above) and thought they were such a great idea. Who doesn't want to put a dart in the wall? Really they just made me realize how simply I could solve some of my lazy/clutter problems. I have lots of wall space, but NO space anywhere else. I also have a pile of clothes that reside on top of my dresser and on various chairs. So, seeing these wall darts made me realize what a simple solution a wall hook could be and since I love Etsy so much (and these darts are overpriced for what they are) I went there first to look for some. And here is what I found.

I love this mosaic piece that combines the helpful aid of a hook with a beautiful piece of art! It's by Flowering Moon Designs.


floweringmoon said...

Thanks so much for featuring my wall hook on your blog. I am truly honored!

kim* said...

so pretty and neat :)