Shophandmade vs. Madeitmyself

Reading Esty forums I've learned a lot about some other places to list handmade items. I posted one item on Shophandmade several weeks ago, but just the other day posted a few to Madeitmyself (which was a lot faster and easier to list with). I am regularly being put in with the 'featured items' on the homepage of Shophandmade (see middle photo, bottom row), but it has a very small number of views, and has been there for a few weeks. With Madeitmyself I had more like 30 views in a much shorter period of time. Not sure what to make of it and wondered what other people's experiences were.


Devin said...

I haven't tired either,But I will have to look into them.You have a great blog:0)

Jennifer Hugon said...

I've not tried either of these sites but have been perusing ShopHandmade... Madeitmyself looks more intriguing. Worth a try! Thanks for the info!

Fighter of the Night Man said...

No prob! I also have to mention they were both free to list. Then you can opt in to give them percentages of your profits or not.