"Expert lover, my baby...

U ever had a crystal ball?" Yeah it's a stretch, but these new earrings I just made look almost like crystal balls so I'm quoting the only thing I know that relates. PRINCE. (That link goes to the song if you're in the mood)
I fell in love with these turquoise glass beads a while back and knew I needed chain and another bead at the very bottom. Finding the bottom beads, which are black czech crystals, was a harder decision, but I really like how they came out. I had made a demo pair for myself over a month ago, but with a slight variation of black beads at the bottom, and I can attest to how fun - and "glamorous" to quote a friend - they are to wear. All the chain, wire, and components are sterling silver and, as with any other sterling silver jewelry I offer, you will receive a polishing cloth along with the purchase. They measure a little over 3" from the top of the earwire to the bottom beads. I'd love to hear what you all think of these!

On another note I was recently featured on luvmymonkeys.blogspot.com! She chooses themes for the day and finds Etsy items to match. How great!!! She found a LOT of cool items for this pink and black category. Check it out!


Metalsgirl said...

very cool and crystal ball-y!!

Stitch Witch said...

very pretty! go great with the pearls. thanks for visiting my blog!