"I go-go dance for a living but I’m in a cage. It’s totally different."

Here's a shot of another trial run of these chocolate snowcaps I did last night (before going into the oven). Tonight I will be making a new batch for YARNCOTURE who is the winner of this giveaway!!!!
Usually when I bake something new I do it as the recipe calls for first, so I don't necessarily start off with all organic ingredients. Because of this I've found that organic ingredients can definitely change the taste and/or consistency of some recipes. You know how you sometimes get that "organicy" flavor? Anyway, it is NOT the case with these snowcaps. They still come out delicious and I honestly can't tell the difference between the semi-organic version I did at Christmas and the all organic versions I've done in the last week. Now, on to trying them with whole wheat flour (after yarncoture's batch of course)! I find that with really chocolatey cookie recipes you can totally get away with whole wheat flour and not notice a difference, but with regular chocolate chip cookies, it's harder to pull off. Just a little tip if anyone is interested! Thanks everyone for entering!! I'll do another one soon!
Also, this blog title comes from Rock of Love Bus - did anyone watch? It's horrendous! And I'll be taping every episode.


YarnCoture said...

Thanks again for a fantastic giveaway!! You are the best!

Jacqueline said...

Those chocolate snowcaps sure looks yummie! Could use some of your baking recipes and tips! I've just started to learn to bake. n_n

YarnCoture said...

I received these FABULOUS cookies in the mail yesterday...oh, let me telll you! These cookies melt in your mouth and if you are not selling them YOU SHOULD BE!!! My hubby loved them too and asked me if you were selling them 'cause he wants more, lol! Thanks again!

Bianca (Fighter of the Night Man) said...

I am OVERJOYED to hear that you liked them, yarn!!!! This is all in efforts to perhaps sell cookies one day and I will definitely keep you posted! Thanks again for entering and the feedback. It is so appreciated!