I Should Be In Bed

I recently bought on to a BNR on Etsy and it has been awesome. I highly recommend you fellow Etsy sellers come join us! Since my beginning with this lovely group I have made 20 sales, had some wonderful people to ask for opinions and advice on my projects and shop, and have gained a lot of motivation. Search the forums for the Most Meaningful Gifts BNR and come say hello.


Dorana said...

bianca - we're SO thrilled to have u in our amazing family! thank you for all of your love and support!

siempre- dorana

Sheila B said...

I love the peacock print! Can you tell me more about BNR? Is it like an Etsy Team?

Sheila B said...

Awesome, how can I join?

BTW, I just got your blog title reference. "He's a master of karate and friendship for everyone!" Awesome lol

nikid said...

Love the peacock! It is nice to have you on the thread Bianca!

Jennette said...

Love that!! So pretty.